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Sidney, NE 69162
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We strive to run on time so you won’t be kept waiting, and we ask you to arrive for your appointments on time as well. We understand that you are busy, and your time is valuable to us!

We only deviate from our schedule in the event of dental emergencies that must be taken care of immediately. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice.

New Patient Forms

For your convenience, you can download our new patient forms to expedite the paperwork at your first visit.

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Financial and Insurance Information

It is important to us that all of our patients – regardless of age, income and dental needs – can receive the dental care they need and desire and have the most pleasant dental experience possible. Our goal is to openly communicate the financial aspects of your dental needs and to assist you in finding a way to afford that care.


Payment is due in full at the time of service unless prior financial arrangements have been made. For the treatment of minors, payment is the responsibility of the adult accompanying the minor. For your convenience, we offer several payment options:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card—VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover
  • Personal Check
  • Care Credit—our option for payment plans

Dental Payments


We are an insurance-friendly office and accept most plans. We are an out-of-network provider, but will file dental claims on your behalf. We are happy to help you maximize your benefits!

Please understand – we file dental insurance as a courtesy to our patients. We do not have a contract with your insurance company; only you do. We are happy to help process any insurance claim as a service to you at no charge, and allow 60 days for them to render payment. After 90 days, you are responsible for the entire balance and it will be due in full. This is rare but it is important that you recognize that the insurance you have is a legal contract between YOU and your insurance company. Our office is not, and cannot be a part of that legal contract.

We are proud that our fees reflect the time that the doctor spends with each patient as well as the overall quality of care and service that we provide in our practice. Our fees are not based upon any insurance schedules, and are often above insurance allowances. You are fortunate to have dental insurance that may help you with the cost of treatment.

If your insurance company reimburses you directly for services rendered, we will ask you to pay for your services, in full, at the time of your visit. If your insurance company reimburses our office for services rendered, we will ask for an estimated co-payment at the time of your visit.

Insurance estimates are not a guarantee of payment from your insurance company.Please keep in mind that any estimate that we provide to you is only an estimate and that you are responsible for all fees in their entirety. At no time do we or can we guarantee what your insurance will or will not do with each claim.

If you have specific financial or insurance questions, please call the office to speak to our friendly staff!

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